Annie is one of the most versatile designers with whom I've had the pleasure to work.
Annie is one of the most creative, conscientious, hard-working, and flexible designers I've worked with. She's willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Plus she's always fun to work with.
I met ArtGirl when she was working as the creative director for the daily planed. She swings into action as the new woman of steel, with ultra-fresh designs and a pocket full of kryptonite! All I can say is I had to give up my tagline... cause this looks like a job for ARTGIRL! - Superman
Annie Calef is a joy and a pleasure to workwith. Her wonderful sense of design, her ability to listen and her technical abilities ensure a professional job every time. Annie's artistic abilities put her above the rest. Working with Annie is easy and effortless, she listens, she understands - Julia Ross, Project Specialist/Riverdeep Software
I've worked with Annie Calef on many projects over the years - from packaging, to ads, to brochures. She is an exceptional graphic designer, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. Annie goes above and beyond for her clients. She not only creates a unique design, but also helps with every aspect of the project. She is a true professional! - Kari Millar
HOLY DOUBLE DESIGN DUO BATMAN - ARTGIRL and DESIGN DOG have arrived! That dog looks way better in his cape than I do... I need to hit the Gotham City Mall for a new look! RIGHT-O-RAMA ROBIN! To the batcave... ARTGIRL is due at any moment with design concepts for the Bat Mobile's Owners' Manual. She's pure creative juice! - Batman and Robin
Working with Ms. Calef has been an enriching experience. Annie brings the good attitude along with her high energy and talented creative vision to the design process. She works hard and takes every effort to complete the process within the project's projected schedule. I look forward to working with her again. - Maria Luna
Annie is a delight to work with. Even under extremely tight deadlines, she maintains a good sense of humor. And she always does whatever it takes to make sure projects are done on time. - Sam Marsh, Lowepro USA
I met ARTGIRL in an online Superhero chat room and WOW my spidy-senses were tingling right from the start! She is witty... easy to talk to, a great listener. She didn't judge me because I have webbed toes and can spew sticky stuff everywhere. She designed my new business cards with a double high-gloss-anti-stick-dull-varnish-coating! Now I don't stick to my biz cards when I'm trying to leave them incognito like. She's a true superhero! - Spiderman
Annie's ability to evaluate a project is unmatched. She assesses the needs, develops a plan of action, and delivers creative that is on target and on schedule. I know that my job will be done right without the hand holding. - Darilyn Kotzenberg